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Multi Channel Online Banking


Retail banking is an industry in desperate need for an upgrade. We teamed up with a great partner to build a next generation online banking platform. The experience was optimized for both mobile and web using an efficient and easy to use interface.


What we did

HelloBuild defined, designed and developed a brand new online banking platform for a partner company. We also prepared the development, testing and production environment including a secure network setup to connect the platform to the banking core's powering most of the platforms features.

Timeline and Processes Followed

The project kicked off with a Discovery period during which HelloBuild assessed similar projects in related industry. Once the survey was completed we ran a gap analysis using a legacy online banking offering and what we would need to add into this new product. The following step was to generate a plan for development which we followed and adjusted as needed until delivery of the product. Throughout the project we worked closely with our partner.

Deliverables and Value Provided

HelloBuild delivered a working product, a defined development & maintenance process with their corresponding environments and a guide for subsequent deployments. For this project, HelloBuild remained as the preferred technology partner and we still support upgrades, maintenance and operations of the platform.