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Mobile Task Management


Task management platforms come in many shapes and sizes, but mostly focus on web-first user experiences. HelloBuild needed a mobile-first task management tool and filled its own need by defining and deploying it's own custom built mobile application.


What we did

HelloBuild defined, designed and developed a brand new mobile first task management tool. We also prepared the development, testing and production environments including a fully automated CI/CD process.

Timeline and Processes Followed

The project kicked off with a Discovery period during which HelloBuild assessed similar solutions available in the market currently. Once the survey was completed we ran analysis on the features we listed as key requirements. After all requirements and specifications were ready, HelloBuild went directly into software development. We leveraged our process to iterate through multiple versions of the app until completion.

Deliverables and Value Provided

HelloBuild delivered a working mobile product compatible with both iOS and Android using managed deployments that leverage real time code updates. The Build app will also soon be available freely avaialble on both app stores.