From Xos to Crypto Assets

Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0 has been widely available since January 2018. This is the second Hyperledger product to get to 1.0 and become widely available. The project in its current iteration employs a more familiar DLT implementation when contrasted with Hyperledger...

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Tokens Over Function

”Every token should be a utility token.” The phrase stuck with me. Dan Morehad, founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, confidently stated during Consensu 2018...

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Beyond the Cryptocurrency Hype

Here at HelloBuild we have been lucky to work together with the Hyperledger project hosting our local meetup. This has exposed us to the large collection of projects under the Hyperledger umbrella...

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Blockchains Practical Asociations

Talking blockchain is a sure way to get a lot of people to pay attention to you nowadays, sadly its also very easy to confuse your audience. This is mostly a symptom of too many complex conversations merging into one trendy cacophony about the future of...

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Hello Build!

Throughout our careers, Build’s founding team has been lucky to live through at least a couple of incredible technological revolutions. At the same time we have added our contributions to them, by building digital products for the past two decades.

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