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Throughout our careers, Build’s founding team¹ has been lucky to live through at least a couple of incredible technological revolutions. At the same time we have added our contributions to them, by building digital products for the past two decades.

This year we decided we wanted more. Driving innovation one product at a time with one company at a time is great, but when trying to keep up with new tech, that single pipeline makes a product builder feel stale and outdated.

Build was born. Our service offering includes consulting and digital development. We do consulting via engagements that we call Discovery, and Tech Audit. And for product development, we might combine the Discovery phase with full UX/UI + Development. Check out for more details on our four main offerings.

Using our combined experience we have come up with a team structure and accompanying processes that allow us to efficiently help companies and individuals that posses vision and drive to make products successful. We then provide streamlined tools and expertise for a product to be defined, designed, developed and deployed.

We are certain we will meet business partners and clients that share this vision and be able to bring to life a new generation of digital products that delight users.

Finally, in this publication we will share our experiences, thoughts and any knowledge that could help others create better products.

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  1. Jonatan Alava & Luciano Ibias

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