Beyond the Cryptocurrency Hype

Here at HelloBuild we have been lucky to work together with the Hyperledger project hosting our local meetup. This has exposed us to the large collection of projects under the Hyperledger umbrella. Now with two of those projects reaching 1.0, it's much easier to clearly see real world applicability of DLT based solutions.

Smart Contracts vs Tokens

Many adopters of blockchain technology have married the intrinsic value of this technology with the existence of digital tokens. These tokens, sometimes simply acting as cryptocurrency, are nothing but a feature sitting on top of most distributed ledgers/blockchains. With projects such as Fabric and Sawtooth, we can clearly see the value of DLT (independent of tokens) from implementations of smart contract based solutions. The value produced for users, does not come from an artificially created economy based on digital tokens, but on the actual benefits a decentralized solution brings.

Smart contracts allow us to enforce business rules while at the same time leverage the unique qualities of a distributed ledger, like immutability and a shared and unique state of transactions.

Hyperledger real world examples

The Linux Foundation has done a great job creating documentation, tutorials and examples that can walk users through what an implementation of a decentralized solution would look like, as well as modeled specific, real world, scenarios to make it easier to understand and contextualize.


Sawtooth has also made source code available for more up to date versions of their examples. You can find different implementations ranging from Tic-Tac-Toe (here) to Supply Chain (here)and Marketplace (here) examples.

Implementing Real World Solutions

Our team at HelloBuild is ready to work together with customers interested in leveraging blockchain solutions for their business, drop us a line at if you are interested.


Whether you are ready to get started, or just want to talk about some ideas, Here is a good place to start