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We provide Enterprise-Grade Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology solutions. We want to work together with you implementing the future of software.


HelloBuild & Hyperledger Meetups

HelloBuild proudly co-organizes the Hyperledger meetups in Miami and works together with other Hyperledger meetups in South Florida to enrich the local ecosystem and convey the value of DLT to businesses of all sizes. Stop by and meet us at any of the events, click on the Hyperledger Meetups link below, join and RSVP to the next one.

Hyperledger Meetup

About Hyperledger

Hyperledger is an open source initiative of the Linux Foundation to foster blockchain education and usage in all industries. As a collaborative effort, the Hyperledger initiative is also supported by IBM, Intel, Cisco, among other key technology players. It provides community powered frameworks to empower businesses of all sizes to create powerful DLT solutions. Hyperledger is an open initiative and thrives on feedback and community support, don't hesitate to go to their site and join their user groups to collaborate on this powerful ecosystem.

Hyperledger Logo

Blockchain Platforms

Ethereum Dapp Development

HelloBuild's team are experienced in developing and deploying Dapps on Ethereum. We leverage our digital product development expertise by creating compelling user experiences powered by one of the world's most popular blockchain networks. We will help you plan, design and deploy your next Decentralized Application. It's important to remember that Dapp development is still software development.

Cardano, Vechain, EOS and more

HelloBuild aims to keep its team updated about every new and significant blockchain network and platform. Understanding the complex landscape allows us to provide deep insights and guidance into decentralized application development and product rollout. Don't hesitate to reach out so we can discuss your Blockchain strategy.

Whether you are ready to get started, or just want to talk about some ideas, Here is a good place to start